early works


Wish List

Rhythmus 21 1921 4’
Rhythmus 23 1923 4’
Filmstudie 1926 5’
Ghosts Before Breakfast (Vormittagsspuk) 1927-28 7’
Race Symphony 1928-29 7’
Two Pence Magic (Zweigroschenzauber) 1928-29 2’
Inflation 1927 3’
Everything Turns Everything Revolves 1929 3’
"By film I mean visual rhythm... to see movement, organized movement, wakes us up, wakes up resistance, wakes up our sense of enjoyment as well. At the mercy of ‘feeling’, reduced to going with the rhythm according to the successive rise and fall of the breath and the heartbeat, we are given a sense of what feeling and perceiving really is: a process - MOVEMENT".
Hans Richter