• artistHanz
  • title: Reducer
  • labelTri Angle
  • catNo: TRI031
  • formatLP

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Tri Angle is excited to announce the release of Reducer, the debut album from Hanz, a.k.a 25-year old producer and multi instrumentalist Brandon Juhans, on vinyl for the first time. With a penchant for the cinematic, the Georgia-born, Durham, North Carolina-based producer cuts blasted, abstract beats on post-punk textures, resulting in a sound that somehow manages to echo RZA, Rammellzee, This Heat and PIL, whilst carving out a unique identity all of his own. At a time when most hip hop production sounds as if it's stuck in preset mode, Reducer feels like a vital injection of creativity, harking back to a time in the past when no sample and no sound was off limits. Opening track, 'The History of...', a dizzying collage of broken drum machine beats, white noise shards and glitchy dub, is a good place to start in trying to epitomize the energy of the record. From there on Hanz continues to take the listener on a trip into a dark, complex headspace where haunted patois vocals, industrial drums,harps, elastic bass-lines and dystopian hip hop beats collide. It's his capability of collapsing one sound world into another almost seamlessly, whilst retaining a distinctly raw punk energy throughout that sets Hanz aside. It makes for an unpredictable and thrilling listen. In Reducer Hanz has created something wildly ambitious which, doesn't sound like much else out there in 2015. The 'Reducer' LP will be produced in limited quantities.

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