• artistV.A.
  • title: Unboxed
  • labelLightbulb
  • catNo: LIGHTBULB 12
  • formatCD


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1974年に発祥したLos Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS)。彼らの活動を総括した1996年の歴史的ボックス・セット、The Lowest Form Of Musicと合わせて作られたのがこのUnboxed。Le Forte Fourの名曲Japanese Super HeroesやSmegmaの名曲I Am Not Artistを含む、The Lowest Form Of Musicから抜粋された曲と未発表曲を収録。中でもTom Recchionの未発表曲、Marblesのミニマルっぷりが素晴らしく格好良いです。ボックスをお持ちの方からLAFMS未体験の方までお勧め出来る好コンピレーション。かなりお勧め! (Tatewaki)

Doo-Dooettes - Zombie  
Le Forte Four - Kabella Binsky Bungo (Excerpt)  
CV Massage - Sea Chanty  
Le Forte Four - Microzone  
Smegma - Difference  
Le Forte Four - Japanese Super Heroes (Excerpt)  
Tom Recchion - The Little Green Thing  
Tom Recchion - Marbles  
Seldom Melodic Ensemble - Godzilla's Mystery Abortion Radioactive War Bonnet
Rick Potts - Blathering Hemispheres  
Foundation Boo - Godjira’s Teachings  
Smegma - I Am Not Artist (Excerpt)  
Le Forte Four with The Patients - Boris The Spider  
Le Forte Four - Ballad Of Le Forte Four & Bongo Madness (Excerpt)  
Tom Recchion - Untitled  
Fredrik Nilsen - Green  
Joe Potts / Vetza - Racing In The Streets  
Doo-Dooettes - I Got A Right To Sing The Blu  
Smegma - Potato War  
Rick Potts - Parasitic Twin  
Rick Potts - Draw Spunky

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