The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. III

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(廃盤) 世界各地の音楽遺産級SP音源をSUBLIME FREQUENCIESとMississippi Recordsがタッグを組んでヴァイナルリリース第三弾!!!マタベルランド、スペイン、中国、アンゴラ、ロシア、コンゴ共和国、ビルマ、etc.本当に素晴らしい音楽の歴史に塗れてみてください!!!正に世界音楽遺産!!!このシリーズは絶対的にMUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ゲイトフォールド仕様。※入荷時より僅かにジャケットに傷みがある場合がございます。予めご了承くださいませ。
...Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48. Outernational Records is pleased to announce the third volume of this legendary series is now available on the vinyl format. This series of archival 78 transfers was originally released in 1995 on CD only. Now for the first time on vinyl, a deluxe gatefold presentation and limited edition pressing. Reissue produced by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies) in conjunction with Yazoo Records. Compiled here are many of the greatest performances of world and ethnic music ever recorded. This volume represents a trip around the world, stopping at each port to sample one of that country's finest recordings of its indigenous music. Each of these recordings was captured at a period during the golden age of recording when traditional styles were at their peak of power and emotion. Included inside are extensive notes and beautiful period photographs that work together with the music to communicate an exciting sense of discovery. Early 20th century recordings from Poland, Spain, China, Angola, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, the Congo, and elsewhere, compiled by archivist Pat Conte.