Revival II - The Electronic Tapes 1979-1982


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Herbert Bodzin's Revival II' is the next exciting vinyl highlight on this young label. It features completely unreleased electronic music which was recorded between 1979 and 1982. Check!
On the album you can hear the sounds of legendary machines like the ARP 2600, the Korg PS-3300, the Roland System-700 Modular synthesizer, the PPG Waveterm and the PPG Wave 2.2 as well as classic synths like the Roland Jupiter-8, the Polymoog and the Prophet-5 - the same equipment used by big names of the German and international avantgarde electronics scene at that time. For example, the ambient Red Ocean' was recorded entirely with the polyphonic Korg PS 3300, one of the most desired and biggest synths of all time. The project features Bernd Hollendiek, as well as Bodzin's two sons, Stephan and Oliver Bodzin on additional synthesizers and partly on drums. The songs are a mixture of mostly ambient, deep, psychedelic, yet experimental and futuristic sounds as well as two more vibrant synth rock recordings with drumming.
We hope that this album will find its way to the hearts and collections of electronic music lovers - somewhere in between the classic albums of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Cluster or Eberhard Schoener. As a side note, the album may also show early musical influences of Stephan Bodzin, who became world famous in the 1990s as one of the leading techno producers. Without any doubt, Revival II' should be an exciting lost masterpiece of German electronic music and a must have for synth music lovers - revived and finally alive!

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