The Possibility of Jinashi-Shakuhachi Prayer for the Future


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What does jinashi mean?

Jinashi shakuhachi literally means shakuhachi without ji. In Japan they are simply called shakuhachi, but when people want to be more specific in clarifying which type of shakuhachi, they will differentiate this type from the more common modern type by referring to them as jinashi.

Ji is the term used for the layers of paste made from stone powder mixed with urushi (Japanese lacquer) which is applied to the bore of most modern shakuhachi, so as to control the inner dimensions and shape the sound. In practical terms, in Japan, shakuhachi which have just a small amount of ji in the bore, but where most of the surface of the bore is left with the natural bamboo surface uncovered, are also referred to as jinashi. Some scholars refer to these as jimori. Traditionally, the bore of jinashi are coated with urushi, which gives protection from humidity changes and mold.

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