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Care Tracts is a new Matthewdavid album of three long-form Mindflight compositions inspired by CARE. Great Forces of CARE - With your help we will overthrow corrupt capitalistic systems of greed and exploitation in favor of life and love for the benefit of all beings. We will end all war and hierarchy. Love is the gateway to paradise. Love is your way. We give gratitude to the ENERGY OF CARE that maintains all life in its embrace. We give thanks to the dust of stars that congealed into the body of this planet, our home, and that gives form and solidity to our bones and flesh. We honor the rocks and their long slow cycles. We give thanks to the living soil, and the billion creatures that haunt her caves and pores and chasms, to the belts and the ants and the termites, to the soil bacteria swimming in the slick of water that clings to her mineral archways, to the worms, wriggling, eating, coupling, and transforming within her. We bless the plants, the roots and stems and boughs, the great trees reaching upward and the deep-rooted herbs pushing down, all who contribute to the cycles of birth and growth and death and decay that lead to NEW GROWTH. Praise and gratitude to the sacred waters of the world, to the oceans, the mother of life, the womb of the plant life that freshens our air with oxygen, the brew that is stirred by sunlight and the moon’s gravity into great currents and tides. Praise THE CARE that feeds and sustains life - all the throws, runs, leaps, and flies. BLEESED BE OUR CARE!

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