Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)


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Song Cycle Records present a reissue of Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record), originally released in 1982. Revolutions Per Minute is a two-record album of twenty-one original sound works by artists represented at that time by the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc. in New York. Each gallery artist was asked to record or provide a three-to-five minute segment for Jeff Gordon's Greene Street Recording Studio. No further directions were given, and the sound works are an amazing mix. List of the artists involved: Jud Fine, Eleanor Antin, Terry Fox, Margaret Harrison, Les Levine, Hannah Wilke, Douglas Davis, Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid, Helen Mayer Harrison / Newton Harrison, Vincenzo Agnetti, Chris Burden, Piotr Kowalski & William Burroughs, Ida Applebroog, Edwin Schlossberg, SITE, R. Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Shannon, Conrad Atkinson, David Smyth, Todd Siler, and Joseph Beuys. Comes on 180 gram vinyl; Gatefold sleeve.

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