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2014 restock; 2003 release. Amazing Iannis Xenakis collection of historical recordings of essential works. Disc one features all works on CD for the first time; Disc 2 features different mixes of Xenakis' most famous electronic works. "Disc one with the orchestra works represents an era of Xenakis' development of polytope, geometrical, mathematical, based works from the late 1950s to the 60s in historical recordings earlier released on LP except for "ST/48" which has not previously been released." Includes: CD1: "ST/48" (for 48 Instruments, 1959-62); "Le Polytope de Montreal" (for four Orchestras, 1967); "Nomos Gamma" (for large orchestra scattered among the audience, 1967-68); "Terretektorh" (for large orchestra scattered among the audience); "Syrmos" (for 18 strings, 1959); "Achorripsis" (for 21 instruments, 1956-57). CD2: "Persepolis 'avec mouvement' version" (electroacoustic music on 8-track tape, 1971); "Polytope de Cluny" (electroacoustic music on 8-track tape, 1972.

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