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The Trilogy Tapes and Harmonious Thelonious orbits align again for a magnetically mesmerising exploration of international rhythms and microtonal scales after 2017’s ‘Apakapa’ 12” Under the cannily vague title ‘Unidentified Ensemble Plays…’ Stefran Schwander’s strongest project speaks to a conception of non-place, a TAZ where meters and vibes from multiple continents converse and tesselate. ‘Women’s Chorus from the Region Of…’ leads out with a grippingly effortless, heavy-lidded sway, and ‘Halb Ding’ finds a tight balance of raucously buzzing strings and horns reminding of Sote but synched with swingeing clockwork percussion. ‘Delusion (Version II)’ then cuts the lights for a locked-in play of voodoo drums and Djinn-like harmonic spectres, and ‘Unidentified Soundtrack’ digs a swirling psychedelic style nodding to Raï and Dabke styles.

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