• artistEvol
  • title: GRM TRAX
  • labelALKU
  • catNo: ALKU4CD
  • format4CD


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EVOL cough up the intensely hypnotic results of sessions recorded on a Serge Modular Music System at the GRM in Paris, in early 2019. Weighing in at 28 trax wide and 292 minutes long, ‘GRM Trax’ is arguably the motherload of all EVOL releases. It features the OG deco-rave duo applying their unrelenting, uncompromising process to a classic vintage synth with transfixing results ready to open a vast, pulsating wormhole in your living room or wherever it is that freaks like to consume their EVOL (betcha someone does it in the bog). Pushing the classic early ‘70s synth in a way not previously heard, EVOL make only the slightest envelope shifts in each part, allowing the machine to gurn and chatter in its purest, buzzing vernacular. With such unyielding focus on each tweak, they encourage a total immersion in the sounds’ pure signal and its resonant overtones. We can confirm the effect is extremely uncanny and totally disorientating after headphone ingestion, meaning that once the cans came off every sound in the room will still pulse freakishly. For the sake of your sanity and the health of your ears, it’s maybe not best to do the whole release in one go - or at least not loudly on headphones - but for those who love to peer into the abyss, we can assure you of a heavily sensational, mind-bending experience quite unlike any other.

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