Desert Sessions

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Dean Blunt & Delroy Edwards knuckle down 19 raw-to-the-bone instrumentals from their time spent together in LA. If played this gear in a blind test, 9 out of 10 neeks would no doubt recognise ‘Desert Sessions’ as the work of Edwards & Blunt. Simply titled in sequence, Audio Tracks 01 - 19, it all feels totally off-the-cuff and cloaked in red-eyed vibes in a very familiar way, with each artist’s input smartly masked by clouds of ferric hiss as dense as the tree smoke in their studio. Working the heck out of their keyboards’ presets, they hustle a barrage of sawn-off boogie, hip hop and stanky outhouse styles, with a chorus of synthetic fallen angels playing a narrative role around their oblique, often atonal jabs of electronics and half-cut guitar riffs. It’s maybe best regarded as a mutual, Hypnagogic regression and ode to Blunt and Edwards shared roots in late ‘80s and ‘90s transatlantic culture - from hip hop and R&B to slacker indie-pop and ambient music - allowing for all the fog and fallibility of memory recollection, but bittersweetly evoking their subject in fine style.

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