Earth Horns with Electronic Drone


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A world premiere from Yoshi Wada and EM Records/Omega Point: the first-ever release of "Earth Horns with Electronic Drone", recorded live in 1974. Combining four of Wada's self-made "pipehorns" (made from plumbing materials, over three meters in length), with an electronic drone tuned to the electrical current of the performance space, this is a lost masterpiece of early minimalism, placing Wada rightfully in the pantheon with La Monte Young, Phill Niblock, Maryanne Amacher and Alvin Lucier.

Recorded live in Syracuse, New York, this recording captures the room-filling complex overtones generated by the ever-shifting interplay of the breathing horns and the constant electronic drone. This is a music of ritual hypnotic power, its heavy low end mass and sense of change within constancy engendering a meditative transcendency.

"Earth Horns with Electronic Drone" is the fourth and ultimate release in our Yoshi Wada series, a must for all fans of minimalism, heavy drones, ritual, mystery and world-shaking transcendence. From an original performance of almost three hours, the CD features a 77 minute excerpt; we are especially honored to also offer the full performance as a triple LP set. From Earth Horns to beyond the firmament: prepare to be elevated!

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