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Founder and leader of Drum Circus from Switzerland has been the master drummer Peter Giger. 'A giant on drums', as the newspaper 'Rhein-Main-Zeitung' called him. He was joined, among others, by two additional drummers, as well as by Joel Vandroogenbroeck and Carole Muriel, both from Brainticket. Therefore, it's not surprising that 'Magic theatre', with its LSD-dripping lyrics (partly written by Timothy Leary, partly influenced by 'The Tibetan book of the dead'), reminds sometimes forcefully of the early Brainticket. 'Magic theatre' was recorded in the excellent studio of Horst Jankowski in Stuttgart. Yet, it remained unreleased, then. Shortly before his death, Horst Jankowski gave the tapes and the rights to Peter Giger. The front cover shows Peter Giger on drums and Joel Vandroogenbroeck on flute. The LP comes with a 12-page insert in LP size.

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