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Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash and Marco Sterk reconvene their soothing Gaussian Curve trio with a faithfully mellow and utopian suite of ambient lounge jazz themes for Music From Memory. Bath time music

The Distance is a different musical beats to its predecessor, but shares the same timeless, emotion-rich feel that made Clouds such a hit. While the fundamental ingredients remain the same - Masins masterly piano and synthesiser work, Nashs blissful, meandering guitar lines, and Stewrks synths, drum machines and production - The Distance is an album brimming with fresh ideas, and more complex musical arrangements. Its the sound of three confident collaborators crafting magical musical moments in their own unique way.

This expansive new approach can be heard on T.O.R, where Nashs haunting trumpet and hazy guitars wrap themselves around the kind of hypnotic piano and synth patterns that were once the preserve of American minimalist composers, in the gently breezy positivity of Ginger Lemon, and in the loved-up chord progressions and bubbly electronic beats of Last Breath. Close your eyes, and youll also hear it amongst the sunrise shuffle of The Distance, Masins hushed vocals on Smile For Me, and within the kosmiche influenced sensuality of Birthday Song.

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