Musique Acephale


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The rhythm shaman returns to Berceuse Heroique with his most substantial sacrifice yet, Musique Acéphale; a variant of polymetric pointillism and rhythmelodic cadence with a dreamy humour and drivingly psychedelic lushness that lends itself equally well to the dancefloor and stoned home listening (sober too, to be fair). Zig-zagging between scratchy hustle and bustle in Evocation to the snake-hipped slink of Pornoire and the gliding velocity of Evolove on the first plate, and juicing the odd acid gamelan of Highbreeds and the rushing, pineal prod of Syrian Rue on the second disc, he comes as close as anyone to mirroring the worldly proto-techno vibes that many of us hear in Steve Reich’s music, albeit with much more emphasis on the ‘floor. Likewise, these tracks exist in a lineage of German reverence for African music and electronics stretching from Moebius and Can thru to Basic Channel and T++, riding the finest line between rolling looseness and hypnotic tension with deceptively meticulous finesse. Killer set.

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