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In yet another powerfully persuasive incursion the Berlin-based Nous imprint have invited Michigan's recondite Karen Gwyer to handle business for their 8th mothership release, who in turn has obliged with the really rather glorious ‘Bouloman EP’. ‘Keisa Kizzy Kinte’ kicks off proceedings with a dissonant synth line that headily intensifies into a dirty digi-funk epic, whose adherence to a transformative futurism is writ large throughout its 10 minute outing. It is followed by the equally enthralling ‘Brunch Music’, defining itself by way of a wry techno onslaught that is only ever abstractly confrontational, treading similar waters to the more fearsome spectrum of Actress' territory The EP closes with 'Shit List With Kid', an intriguingly titled exercise in British-sounding, wavy ambient electro, juxtaposed with UR inspired harmony-driven techno; an epiphanic master class in tenderly layering the polyrhythmic drum machines, all told this is a neatly executed parcel of grin-inducing brilliance.

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