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Many many years ago Freak Animal and Con-Dom started to plan re-issue of some Con-Dom old materials. This dates possibly somewhere around 2004? Years passed and meanwhile sub-label Industrial Recollections was formed and many titles of obscure power electronics/noise/industrial appeared. Among them was issued Con-Dom "Subjection" CD and "Live action 1/4" CD/LP. Finally, after time consuming and energy draining project, Industrial Recollections is proud to announce "Shards Of Ordnance" 2xCD+book out in last days of 2014! Finally everything arrived from press and it's all about final stages of assembling discs and books together. Pre-orders will be taken very soon (keep eye on website) and shipping starts 30.1.2014!! "Shards Of Ordnance" is collection of all relevant Con-Dom compilation tracks. This means, you won't be hearing live tracks of the same classics what appear on Con-Dom album, what were on many old compilation tapes, but this collection is no less than 140+ minutes of exclusive studio songs recorded between 1991-2008. All top quality material, taken from original analogue master tapes, DAT masters, etc. No compression. No editing. All sound is kept as it was to keep the spirit and dynamic tension of material as faithful to original as possible! Included are many rare compilation songs what seem to be impossible to find. Sometimes not even listed in online databases. Not to mention also couple unreleased songs from cancelled compilations what finally see the light of day. Artist has carefully prepared order of the songs, follow themes and approach rather than chronological order. Result proves to be more than just collection. It flows like true album. And even with extreme length of two fully loaded discs, it's great listening experience. It reveals Con-Dom in its full potential, with amazing diversity, strength and unmistaken personality! Unlike previous Industrial Recollections releases, packaging is slightly unusual. Properly binded, offset printed hardcover book, what includes artwork, lyrics, unseen handwritten sketches of lyrics, full tracklist with details of original sources, photos, etc.

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