Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound

  • artistV.A.
  • title: Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound
  • labelNumero
  • catNo: NUM050LP
  • format4LP


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惜しくも他界してしまった、Princeを生み出した70年〜80年代ミネアポリス産ソウル/ファンク界より、至宝の未発表音源の数々を収録したPurple Snowコンピ!!! 超豪華BOX装丁4枚組アナログ盤!! ブックレット付属で資料性も非常に高いです!!!

デビュー前のPrinceが参加していた94 East、高校生時代のJam & LewisのTerry Lewisが参加していたMind & MatterとFlyte Tyme、若き日のAlexander O'Nealを始め、デモ曲を含めて有名無名問わずどれもこれも質が高い!!! これは大推薦です!!!!

Disc 1

    a1. If You See Me - 94 East
    a2. Taste Of Love - Aura
    a3. I Love You - Herman Jones
    a4. Oh Lover - Orville Shannon
    b1. I'm Under Your Spell - Mind & Matter
    b2. Waiting For The Moment - Haze
    b3. Get It On - Prophets Of Peace
    b4. Expense - Cohesion
    b5. Sunshine Lady - Mind & Matter

Disc 2

    c1. Higher - The Lewis Connection
    c2. It's The Things That You Do - Flyte Tyme
    c3. Ladie - Herman Jones
    c4. You're All I Need - Michael A. Dixon and J.O.Y.
    d1. Stone Lover - Music, Love & Funk
    d2. Cohesion - Cohesion
    d3. I Do Love My Lady - Haze
    d4. Got To Be Something Here - The Lewis Connection

Disc 3

    e1. I Have Love at Home - Walter Lewis & the Blue Stars
    e2. I've Got You On My Mind - Flyte Tyme
    e3. Can You Deal With It - Quiet Storm
    e4. Quick - Steven
    f1. If You Love Me - The Stylle Band
    f2. I've Got My Eyes On You - The Girls
    f3. Should I Or Should I Not? - Sue Ann Carwell
    f4. Do You Dare - Alexander O'Neal

Disc 4

    g1. Contagious - Ronnie Robbins
    g2. Borrowed Time - Alexander O'Neal
    g4. Somebody Said - Andre Cymone
    h1. Do It Baby Do It - Walter Lewis & The Blue Stars
    h2. Together - Rockie Robbins
    h3. No One Else Can Do It To Me Baby - Mind & Matter