Prelude To Bleu Bird Cabaret

  • artistIan Drennan
  • title: Prelude To Bleu Bird Cabaret
  • labelPIKdisc
  • catNo: PIK001
  • formatCD


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A combination of Burgundian overtures and both Pierre Schaeffer and R.
Murray Schaffer's "schizophonias." The record makes reference to
classical myth, e.g. Ixion, conflating caricatures of contemporary
night club environments, or "Habitats" with the monolithic stature and
cultural currency of archetypal myth.

The record seeks to burn the effigy of current, malformed cultural
aspirations in the flames of histrionic comedy. Crispin Glover, Tiny
Tim, Boyd Rice, Eminem, Harold Pinter, Alfred Jarry, Jörg Buttgereit,
and Charlie Chaplin among countless others have done this. Presently,
the art of vitriolic parody has given way to the pop cultural
sublation of irony and absurdity. Comedy has been rendered politically
impotent; it's potential remains dormant, awaiting to be awakened.
More often, the contemporary man chooses the aural feat of strength in
place of the more subtle and insidious comedic assassination. This
manifests either in powerful "noise" or unduly intellectualized
minimalism, both of which this record may be guilty of, but never
fails to contradict.

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