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Ten track dub set produced by Bunny 'Striker' Lee at the height of his powers. Most dubs start from a foundation of rhythm and excellent songs. This set has some really nice material to bounce off and as Pat Kelly says, 'I think I did a lot of things that nobody explored at Tubby’s before. I get better quality recording, separation of sound that you could call stereo, but it’s a mock stereo it’s not a genuine stereo. But nobody did all of that before. I was more the vocal man who mix vocal – not that I didn’t like dub, but I gave vocals my special attention. I like the blend of instruments. If you listen to my mix it’s a blend, nothing really sticking out sometime. A lot of other dubs, something sticks out, or becomes contrary or overloaded. I didn’t mix like that. I liked it to be musical. It wasn’t very hard, because most of them were very good songs, they were unique songs, so you couldn’t generally go wrong'.

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