Plastic Palace People Vol. 1


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street date feb. 22, 2011 an album of previously unreleased recordings that go back as far as 1991 when jim o’rourke had just graduated from music school and travelled to aachen, germany to meet christoph heemann — who had just set up his studio there. both the elvis messiahs — jim’s first band from school days — and christoph’s h.n.a.s. were in their final stages, and both collaborators felt the desire to explore different directions, drawing inspiration from their wide ranging musical interests and varying backgrounds. volume one presents an intense three-part journey, a mix of granular synthesis and concrete sounds, reshaped, reassembled: but there was something high in the sky, swinging slowly down toward the mound. something globular that wore what looked like a shining crown and shook like a mound of jelly. nearer it came and nearer, swinging lower with each vibration of its circular bulk. it blazed suddenly into sharp visibility. it wasn’t a king, and it wore no crown. it was a floating spheroid, veined and translucent, filled with an intricate assortment of moving parts that gave off a continuous whirring sound. 

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