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Counter Culture Chronicles has now released a conversation that Jaap van der Bent had with Ken Kesey during the 1981 One World Poetry Festival in Amsterdam. Backstage of The Milky Way, the central venue of the festival, Van der Bent interviews Kesey for NRC-Handelsblad in the presence of Simon Vinkenoog, journalist Paul de Bruin, and several hangers-on. The lively, somewhat unfocused and intoxicated conversation, flits from Kesey’s recent journey to China, Jack Kerouac and Tom Wolfe, the movie ‘Grease’ to the etymology of words like ‘fascism’ and ‘rape’. But despite his stature as Prince of Psychedelia at the festival and the many stories he has to tell about the 1960s, Kesey’s main concerns in the interview appear to be his trip to China, his family life and the future of his children. An All-American bobcat, who has lost most of his wild hairs, spins dreams and yarns in the lap of friends and admirers.

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