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december 2009 release ; superb lp of “noise shakuachi” improvs from sabu orimo, a japanese “folk” musician active over the last 5 years, largely self-releasing his music on cassette & occasionally on cd via the subjective spirit sound & innerside labels ...

the eight unadorned improvs here each use a different approach ; some coming across as the traditional equivalent to coltrane’s “sheets of sound” (listen to the sound-sample - all of it - for a choice cut - now doesn’t that sound like something you want playing in your head all day ?) & others more gestural / minimal, laced with pregnant pauses & mind-shattering eruptions of breath / resonance ...

as with all of alan sherry / siwa’s recent issues, this one comes in full spec ; the sleeves all hand-screened / pulled, with multiple overlapping elements (just the cover alone looks like it was fed through at least five separate times, then again with a gorgeous spot-varnish) ; even the inner sleeves are screened, as are the lp labels ...

an incredible edition of incredible music ; highly recommended !!!

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