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 Frame Drag is a record that explores many ideas, but the overarching theme is the deliberate warping and manipulation of the listener's sense of space and time, without completely fragmenting the music or sacrificing the sense of a rhythmic groove. The album treats the rigid grids often found in electronic music as elastic and malleable. Many of the tracks on Frame Drag were built on deliberately warped and uneven grids. These uneven grids were deliberately designed to speed up and slow down the drum beats, samples, and recordings of live musicians, like a foreign topography that distorts what it tries to represent. Space-time is also manipulated through the use of fluid and unstable reverbs and other types of processing and filtering. When I was making Frame Drag I also channelled a lot of different musical influences, including hip hop, idm, footwork, noise, witch house, contemporary classical and various forms of jazz and improvisation. It was important to me that the record be an amalgam of several styles, and have accessible aspects to it, familiar things with which I could draw listeners in, but also have more unfamiliar elements that would contrast with, and sometimes merge, in a mutually disfiguring way, with the more accessible elements. Its kind of like a drunken, mutated hybrid of several forms of music. Frame Drag also owes something to philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson, especially notions of time as being as fluid and continuous, rather than mechanical and discontinuous, and their openness to novelty and creativity.

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