Spazi Futuri

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Strong cyberpunk/ambient/industrial/techno from Riccardo Mazza with echoes of classic Italian industrial experiments that come highly recommended if yr into Shapednoise, FRAK, Donato Dozzy, Maurizio Bianchi. Where RM’s debut album ‘Unfit’ perhaps tentatively dipped his tootsies in technoid waters after years of encrypting noise filth as Lettera 22, his follow-up for iDEAL betrays a steelier confidence and physicality to his music, manifest in a turbulent range of daring club music mutations intersected by spacious industrial percussion experiments and atmospheric pieces blessed with the romance of abandoned factories. In effect, ‘Spazi Futuri’ bridges dimensions between Maurizio Bianchi and the kind of experiments collated by the Trax label, with the modern freeform industrial of Roberto Crippa and the immersive structures divined by Donato Dozzy. In the best way, the album feels transitory, in flux, with a palpable tension between nervous energy and hypnagogia. Coming first with the chilly, pre-dawn ambience of ‘5:00’, RM follows a psychedelic techno hunch up from the toes to your nose with the driving acid churn and dissonant drip-off synth tang of ‘Società Dormiente’, followed by a killer blast of hot-stepping industrial dance music recalling recent Sam Kerridge turns gone feral with ’Sonno Drogato’, before relaxing the tension with ritual drone in the lush pocket of ’Sublimation della crisi.’ Daring to dice with dancefloor convention, RM’s rave lust resurges from a queered angle with the keening house dynamic of ‘Dittatura delle immagini’, while ‘Per natural libero’ explores industrial ballistics in cavernous space recalling Shapednoise works, and a blast of gristly rhythmic electronics departs into the acrid abstract gunk of the title cut with a post-modern industrial timelessness that’s definitively coiled tight but frayed into the machines and atmospheric remainders of RM’s music.

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