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There is a sound intensity makes while echoing through a human body, be it through meditation, dream, the coming down of a drug or the unexpected resurfacing of a string of memories. It is the ghastly sound of absence. It permeates the atmosphere disguising itself as silence, phasing in and out of empathy, in and out of time, through past and future experiences. It eventually evolves into a form of tired, narcotic sexual stimulation, bringing as much love and pleasure as pain, guilt, fear and violence. Its true nature is an enigma that allows itself to get explored and experienced, rather than explained. This is what lead Heith through the creation of the "Silence Will Expire" mini-LP, six tracks of rhythmic body poetry that make use heavy bass pulsation, transitional percussions and dehumanized vocals as ritualistic tools, setting up a looping narrative with no final resolution, yet radically modifying its own spiritual setting. Founded in 2013, Heith is an open project revolving around Haunter Records co-founder and Cage Suburbia member Daniele Guerrini, whose current live incarnation also includes longtime friend Tristan Viecelli. Its manifestations mostly involve dense layers of drones whirling around sparse androgynous grooves.

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