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(Comes with download code!) Where To Now? Are proud to present the first work from Francesco De Gallo (formerly 'Hobo cubes') under his new moniker 'FDG -'. FDG - manages to create an enthralling balance of both catastrophic sound and utter calm. For Francesco something apocalyptic appears to be constantly looming, yet always keeping its distance, avoiding an all consuming smothering, and enabling a safe yet emotionally heightened, textural, meditative state within his work. The title 'A Certain Vastness' perhaps enforces this idea that the vast unknown around us can be both comforting and terrifying. in his own words... “the main concept of 'A Certain Vastness' evolved out of me trying to slow down life (conceptually & emotionally speaking), and trying to reach a meditative state (hypnosis / alienation / deep horizon)”.

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