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NM near mint condition
EX+ EXCELLENT clean copy
EX EXCELLENT clean. no problem
EX- EXCELLENT some damages.
VG+ VERY GOOD damages.
VG VERY GOOD many dameges
G  GOOD many dameges
P POOR worst condition

All items are visually graded basis Condition of Media/Condition of Cover.

Excellent (EX) The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. May have very light hairline scratches, scuffs or marks. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.

Very Good (VG) The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. May play with a slight background (not overbearing) crackle sound. Still very much enjoyable and listenable. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items, without any major defects is acceptable.

Good (G) The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discolouration, etc.

Regarding Jacket image and sample mp3.
We have a lot of stock. so we can not change the image and mp3 for each copies.

Regarding Vinyl records from India. these are from India. Warehouse environment of India is poor. and, severe weather and moisture.
Therefore, they are different from the condition of Europe and the United States. vinyl grading is under incandescent lamp. by eyes, not record player.(we can not play every vinyl for grading.) If you are very serious about the condition, We strongly recommend that you purchase these conditions(EX+ to NM).
welcome any questions before order. thanks for your understanding.

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