Mr. Toytown Presents Vol 2: Nightmares at Toby’s Shop...Obscure

  • artistV.A.
  • title: Mr. Toytown Presents Vol 2: Nightmares at Toby’s Shop...Obscure
  • labelToytown Recordings
  • catNo: 07526
  • formatCD


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Second installment on the series and also out of print for many years. Here’s a long awaited repress!After the great success of the first volume, the enigmatic Mr. Toytown returns with another batch of obscure & neglected 45s: Over the top Heavy Guitar Psych by Ekseption, Chubby Checker with his euro only psychedelic single, My Mind, which sounds like Hendrix jamming with Blue Cheer; weird French Acid Psych by Francois Wertheimer, taken from one of the rarest BYG label 45s from the early 70s; amazing late sixties Mod - Psych by Kiss Inc and much more. 23 tracks with re-mastered sound, beautiful sleeve design & booklet with informative liner notes about each band. Limited edition one-time repress of 500 copies only!!! ...The emphasis is definitely on the pop end of the genre, with lots of lush orchestration trumpet solos and period lyrics, a style epitomised by Cyan’s Toby’s Shop. Elsewhere the volume and freak factor get cranked up with some fine fuzz guitar from the likes of Ekseption. The albums is sequenced superbly so that it ebbs and flows between the lighter pop and the heavier psychedelic workouts making for a very satisfying listening experience. Between these two extremes there is still time for some soft harmony folk, progressive psych, funky pop and a completely over the top acid guitar freak out from Chubby Checker whose ‘my mind’ is a full on rock assault with suitably trippy lyrics and screaming vocals. You can only assume he used the wrong jar of sugar lumps that morning... Simon Lewis, Ptolemaic Terrascope. 

TRACKLISTING: 01. FRANCOIS WERTHEIMER: Le compagnon de voyage 02. EKSEPTION: On Sunday they will kill the world 03. CHUBBY CHECKER: My mind 04. TOP GENERATION: Stop, Stop 05. CYAN: Toby´s Shop 06. JUMBO: He goes blah blah 07. SOFT PILLOW: Gilbert Green 08. DAVEY PAYNE: A walk in the sunhine 09. SPECTRUM: Music soothes the savage breast 10. WITCH WAY: Hold on to love 11. DULCES AÑOS: El Lobo Feroz 12. JACK GRUNSKY: Sally McGregor 13. PANICS: When you were mine 14. A. W. KID: Mary found a little friend 15. GEEBROS: One word song 16. NICK GARRIE: Close your eyes 17. LIGHT REFLECTIONS: Eyes blue eyes 18. KISS INC: The kids are crying 19. LALLY STOTT: Henry James 20. KID ROCK: Doctor Rock 21. PAPOOSE: Marie’s song 22. TOP 100 SINGERS: Splendid time 23. MYSTERY TRACK


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