Vacant Lights / Rara Avis

  • artistOrganum
  • title: Vacant Lights / Rara Avis
  • labelDie Stadt
  • catNo: DS62
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Die Stadt is very delighted to announce the re-release of 'Vacant Lights' one of his all time favourite works by David Jackman, in combination with a second CD comprising of five unreleased or hard to find tracks entitled 'Rara Avis'. David Jackman, active since the late sixties as a member of THE SCRATCH ORCHESTRA and later with many solo works and under the name ORGANUM with changing line-up's, was supported on these recordings by some of the main collaborator's during this Organum phase: Dinah Jane Rowe, Jim O'Rourke, Eddie Prevost (AMM), Christoph Heemann (H.N.A.S.), Robert Hampson (Main) as players and Steven Stapleton (NWW) and Peter McGhee in the studio. Most of the recordings on these two CD's show the more contemplative side of the ORGANUM sound, the main characteristic being Jackman's playing of various types of bamboo flutes some of which were actually made by David Jackman. The inside cover features one of the two collages by David Jackman that were used for the original LP sleeve. Cover design by Jonathan Coleclough. Edition of 600 copies in 4panel full color digisleeve. VACANT LIGHTS: recorded live in the backyard of long-gone IPS Studio, Sherperd's Bush, London. Performed by Dinah Jane Rowe and David Jackman, with Steven Stapleton and Peter McGhee at the controls. Four recordings were made. Two survive and are presented on this CD. Originally released as an LP on Jon Carlson's Dom America label in the late 1980's, the CD version has been carefully re-mastered from the original reels. It was one of the easiest and most trouble-free Organum albums to make. Jane and I went to IPS on a sunny 20 August 1986, did the music in an hour and a half, went home. It was ordinary, a normal day. RARA AVIS is a short collection of five pieces, three of which have appeared on 7-inch singles: Iuel and Wolf on Dom America, Hibakusha on Walter Robotka's Syntactic label. Jim O'Rourke added guitar to Iuel, Christoph Heemann put some microphone feedback into Wolf. Obon (Version), originally recorded way back at IPS, is one of four alternate mixes engineered years later by Robert Hampson and Mr. O'Rourke. Rara Avis is a previously unused mix created by Jim circa 1991 from sounds made during the Aurora sessions of 1990. Extensively re-worked in 2003, it features Jim, Jane, Eddie Prevost and myself. At the time of writing, Jim and the others have not heard what is in effect a new piece. David Jackman Sunday 23 May 2004.  

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