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When Coppice Halifax was first established as a peripheral project of Milieu in 2006, I never would've thought that the two different concepts would connect and overlap in the ways that they have since then. Albums like High Hawaiian Fog, Bedroom Carpet and now this one - they have all walked a very thin line between the CH sound and the Milieu sound. Milkwhite is in some ways a Halifaxian answer to a Milieu album like H Is For Hologram - all the same elements are present: classic drum machines, analog tape recording and an emphasis on a kind of "pure" bedroom electronic music. Where Hologram is more science-fiction, Milkwhite is fantasy, if that analogy makes any sense at all. I began work on this album years ago (sometime in 2010 I think) as nothing more than music for me to play at night while I passed out in bed reading a paperback. Hopefully, that aesthetic of intimate home-space music is still present in the final tracks (which themselves have been retooled and tightened up in spots, as reflected on the precursor release Sno Dreem). In short, Milkwhite is a playful set of feel-good bedroom braindance, sure to please appreciators of both the Milieu and Coppice Halifax varieties.  

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