Gaku-no-Michi (1977-78) 楽の道


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アジアからの影響を強く受けた作風で知られるフランスの作曲家Jean-Claude Eloyが1977年から1978年にかけて東京のNHK電子音楽スタジオで制作した4時間にも及ぶ大作「楽の道」が完全版として再発!パチンコや都市の雑踏といったフィールド音を使用したコンクレート作品で、フィールドをエネルギーに満ちたハーシュノイズが覆い尽くす強烈な逸品。今考えると国営の音楽スタジオで時間をかけて堂々とこれを作っていたことに驚きますが、認可されたアーティストにとっては豊かな時代だったゆえこういった作品が残せたのだと思います。現代音楽リスナーからノイズリスナーまで全異端音楽リスナーにお薦め!超GREAT!!!!!!!!!!(matsumura)

CD 1: “Pachinko” introduces “Tokyo” in a deliberately stiff, regular, almost mechanical and untranscended way while the big spiral of long successive waves, which further develops through Tokyo, becomes more and more varied in its material ending in the surpassing and searched-for transubstantiation taking place throughout the fi nal part.
CD 2: The second disc, “Fushiki-e”, takes us (through varied, complex, contrasted and sometimes violent sound episodes) towards the four “stages of contemplation” including the last one, “Mokuso”, which represents the ultimate stage of the contemplative. It is the longest part of the whole piece, lasting almost 80 minutes.
CD 3: “Banbutsu no Ryûdô” is a boundless continuous “weft” travelling so to say through all sorts of daily or exceptional « sound scenes » continually metamorphosing, going from political speeches to a Shishi Odoshi, transformed for a long time well before its pure, direct appearance.
CD 4: “Kaiso “ is a moment of gravity innervated and built around the annual commemorative ceremony of Hiroshima, which however leads us beyond the evoked drama to a place of surpassing with peace through the « Han » sound, extending the work to infinity…”