The Festival Of San Miguel Tzinacapan

  • artistV.A.
  • title: The Festival Of San Miguel Tzinacapan
  • labelOcora
  • catNo: 06500
  • formatCD


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San Miguel Tzinacapan is a Nahuat village situated in a lush, mountainous region in the north of the state of Puebla, some seven hours from Mexico City by coach, and half an hour’s walk from the tourist town of Cuetzalan, where most of the business activities of this region are concentrated. The language spoken in this village is related to Nahuatl, a language more commonly known abroad under the exotic name ’Aztec.’ In Nahuatl, Tzinacapan means ’Bat Springs.’ As in all the villages in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, life in San Miguel Tzinacapan follows the agricultural rhythms of maize and coffee and the ebb and flow of the fog banks that relentlessly blot out and recreate its landscape. An electric, festive atmosphere for a syncretic music combining native and Spanish influences (strings, flutes and percussion). 

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