Guarda In Alto – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

  • artistSun Araw
  • title: Guarda In Alto – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • labelGoodfellas
  • catNo: GF2805LP
  • format2LP


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Gatefold slipcase in resealable poly wallet...

Sun Araw’s ‘Guarda In Alto OST’ is the oddest, most enigmatic thing we’ve heard from Cameron Stallones in a decade of singularly psychedelic output since his ‘The Phynx’ album back in 2008.

Touching down ahead of two new Sun Ark releases starring Maxwell Sterling, the avant-jazz minimalism, new age dub and early computer music nods of the Guarda In Alto OST were conceived to fit the imagery of Fulvio Risuleo’s film about “a baker who has access to a parallel universe on the roofs of the city”. Fair to say that without even seeing the flick, the sounds are faithfully and suitably dreamlike when taken in context of the film’s themes.

While made up of myriad inter-related micro-cells, the album’s macro effect is one of utopian psychedelic optimism, whose nature implies rather than forces a sense of the other thru its finely realised aesthetic.  The results are comparable in parts to Sun Araw’s fellow psychedelic journeymen, James Ferraro and Spencer Clark, as much as Maggi Payne’s enchanted computer music, but distinguished by Stallones’ unique style of cosmic jazz dub.

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