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Breathtakingly immersive works of electro-acoustic concrète abstraction dating to François Bayle’s ‘Erosphère’ cycle of 1978-79, taken from the influential archive of INA-GRM, Paris.

As director of the world-renowned GRM between 1966-1997, François Bayle is undoubtedly a pivotal figure in the storied history of the famous Parisian research centre for electronic music. The two works on this disc, Tremblement de terre très doux [1978] and Toupie dans le ciel [1979], form Bayle’s 2nd entry to the vital Recollection GRM series, following up L’Expérience Acoustique [1994/2013] with two works of alternately harder-edged electronic abstraction and enchanting, crystalline dimensions which have both been out of print on vinyl for more than three decades.

Both are major works realised as part of Bayle’s Erosphère cycle and can be considered exquisite examples of the mix of meticulous research and probing art which that makes the magick of GRM recordings. On the 28’ 14 Tremblement de terre très doux [1978] - or Extra Soft Earthquake - he feels out an texturally enchanting dreamlogic narrative that feels a little like the listener is an orb which is being pinged and diffused around a huge, deliquescent sphere in the ‘90s computer game Marble Madness. Or as Bayle would have it, the work describes a surreal figurative dramaturgy of the unfolding of a day. 

On the other hand, the B-side’s Toupie dans le ciel, or Spinning top in the sky is easily one of the most beautiful, dare we say romantic pieces in the GRM archive, with an aesthetic more clearly realting to the notion of Erosphère. It was first premiered in 1980 at the Grand Auditorium of Radio France, and features drifting clusters of crystalline bleeps scudding in and around keening harmonics with a timeless futurism that almost feels like a cybernetic lovesong. So good.

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