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12th Isle pick up and press X.Y.R.’s sublime trip El Dorado on its 1st vinyl version following a sold out micro edition of 25 tapes released thru Illuminated Paths in 2015.

A perfect fit for the label’s emerging aesthetic, equally porous to influence from 4th world and ambient dimensions, X.Y.R. uses archaic Soviet synths such as the Formanta mini keytar and Alisa 1377 to divine a pulpy blend of “experimental cinema sonics, electroacoustic research practice and shadowy wind instruments” in a way that’s comparable to Popol Vuh or Eduard Artemiev’s widescreen synth visions, but grounded with a more lo-fi sweat lodge mysticism.

Like some intergalactic bard, Vladimir Karpov a.k.a. X.Y.R. has also toured the likes of Singapore Sling Tapes, Not Not Fun Records and Constellation Tatsu with this sound over the best part of last decade, with El Dorado remaining an elusive highlight of his journey. In six parts it unfolds a tenderly personalised, shimmering sound world, a place for mental retreat thru atmospheric anaesthetisation, keeping all the tones weightless and free floating for a lushly immersive sense of suspense that should be clearly recognised as precious by any souls sensitive to rarified electronic psychedelia.

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