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Première release. Two astonishing archival works by Mary Jane Leach are now available on vinyl for the first time, bringing to life a wondrous iteration of the highly fertile 1970s New York minimalist scene. Mary Jane Leach is a definitive model of the American avant-garde and experimental composer - creatively brilliant, tragically underrecognized, yet always there, rigorously plumbing the depths, issuing challenges, venturing toward the unknown. Having moved to New York during the middle 1970’s, she entered fray during a crucial period in the city’s creative and cultural life, joining a community of remarkably talented and ambitious Downtown composers, which, among others, included Julius Eastman, Arthur Russell, Arnold Dreyblatt, Ellen Fullman, Philip Corner, Daniel Goode, and Peter Zummo. In addition to her own work, with William Hellermann, Goode, and Zummo, she has been an active member go on found the legendary Downtown Ensemble since 1983, and in the case of Eastman, following his untimely death, become the great champion and protector of the composer’s legacy. Her tireless efforts are the wellspring for the surging contemporary interest in his work. She is artist for whom community is the bubbling source of singularity and truth.

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