An Introduction to Ored Recordings, Pt. 1: Song


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Ored Recordings is an ethnographic record label based in the North Caucasus. Carrying no specialist training or experience in sound recording, the group of friends began travelling around the villages and towns of the Caucasus looking for the traditional music of the different peoples of the region. Since 2014, the label has released 14 digital releases featuring folk music of Circassians, Abkhazians, Pontic Greeks, Kalmyks and Chechens amongst others. Ored Recordings isn't searching for a romanticised spirit of a 'fading tradition', nor trying to 'modernize' authentic material. On the contrary, the label records different forms of local folk music and supports local musical cultures. It pays as much attention to songs from the Soviet era as to archaic ritualistic music and religious melodies.

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