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French musician Bernard Parmegiani has composed "Chants magnetiques" in 1974, one of the most sough after Bernard Parmegiani's album - a monster rarity which is almost impossible to find. This obscure album was composed around the same time as "De natura sonorum" during the mid-seventies, a particularly important and effervescent era for Bernard Parmegiani. Indeed, as if one can say that "De natura sonorum" is one of the best Parmegiani's "serious" works in terms of technics-sound-harmonic-tone, then there is no doubt that "Chants magnétiques" is his chef-d'oeuvre on his "dark side", the "Parmegiani's hidden face" that few peoples knows nowadays. A collection of 10 united tracks under the title album name "Chants magnétiques-magnetic fields" - titled before Jean Michel Jarre's album - and musically, in summary, more experimental, more organic, more spacey in compare to his famous INA-GRM works.  

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