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Mukqs is the moniker of sound artist and Hausu Mountain label co-founder Max Allison, a man whose perspective on experimental music is shrouded in cyclical repetition and melodies that seem to appear and disappear at random intervals. But there’s also a sneaking pop divergence threading itself within his work, a blissfully reticent sense of melody that informs every drone and clacking bit of percussive noise. DJWWWW is a Japanese producer who constructs sample-based micro-collages that inhabit their own warped pop world. His songs flit from sound to sound, bursting within melodic spheres which hover a few feet off the ground before moving on to the next series of skewed rhythms. On their new split release, Mukqs and DJWWWW lend their considerable talents to the art of intricate musical patchwork, a sewn landscape of thudding percussive beats and skewered vocal lines. These tracks showcase both Mukqs quirky pop sensibilities as well as DJWWWW’s murky sample convergence. Through this unlikely pairing, this split cassette feels less like the work of two separate artists and more like the parallel thoughts of one jumbled brain. Their tandem explorations reveal the incredibly exhaustive efforts it took to form these distinct yet compatible lines of reflection. There’s never a moment when any incongruity appears―and in fact, as the music progresses, you feel and hear the connective tissue between Mukqs and DJWWWW grow even deeper and more meaningful. "Take both sides of the tape in one go and you're in for a disorienting affair unlike much else you'll hear this year." Mukqs: Recorded live at Randall, September - December 2015. No overdubs. Mukqs is Maxwell Allison: cassette 4-track, EHX2880 (x2). Mastered by Joseph Morris. DJWWWW: DJWWWW is Kenji Yamamoto Sim Magazine / Wasabi Tapes / +you / N. Brennan / Orokin etc. Art by Maxwell Allison

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