The Appointed Cloud


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This CD is the first-ever release of an extraordinary 1987 New York City performance. Recorded at the Great Hall of the New York Hall of Science, this majestic recording captures the 60-minute opening performance of Yoshi Wada's interactive sound installation "The Appointed Cloud", which consisted of a self-made 80-pipe organ, a pipe gong, sirens and a massive suspended metal sheet, all triggered by a computer program designed by David Rayna, who assisted La Monte Young in his electronic work and performances in 1980s. The CD also features Wada, Bob Drombowski and Wayne Hankin on bagpipes, plus Michael Pugliese, who ever worked with David Tudor for Merce Cunningham's dance company, on percussion.

Dramatically structured, shifting and intense, "The Appointed Cloud" features massive low frequencies and regal percussion vying with the ululations of bagpipes, all resounding in the huge reverberant space of the Great Hall with its 24-meter ceiling.

This CD, the second Yoshi Wada release as the joint production on EM Records and Omega Point (the first being the 2007 reissue of the 1982 "Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile"), is sure to delight all who enjoy drones, dynamics and drama.

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