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Raumklang is honored to release an album by none other than Italian legend Maurizio Bianchi, one undisputed pioneer of noise and industrial music for now nearly four decades. “Tridecacofonia” is of course a tongue-in-cheek reference to Schönberg’s revolutionary twelve-tone technique of the 1920s, here not only discovering the 13th note, but also adding a good measure of noisy commotion – thus creating an intangible, fascinating atmosphere. “Tridecacofonia” is the result of working with some ominous tridecamachineries, the outcome being six long tracks that seem to have fallen out of time: Archaic and unknown sounds, demanding active attention, yet providing a pleasantly rewarding listening experience to those in the know. Neither noise nor ambient, “Tridecacofonia” is truly devoted in-depth metaphysical sound research, providing an enormous suspense by targeted accents and breaks. The title tracks allegorize the techniques and goals of the twelve-tone-technique – and the addition of the thirteenth note is what puts the composer ad libitum in the use of sonic material. In a meeting of generations, Tridecacofonia includes remixes by Raumklang acts myeyesgrowdarker (aka [basementgrrr]) and [rotten:burg] (aka Dirk Geiger), who both choose more quiet material to add a subtly vibrant, sub-rhythmic structure to. And while you’re still discovering this gem of an album, Dirk Geiger and Maurizio Bianchi are also working on a collaborative album due later on Raumklang Music! M. B. played a cacophonic instrumentation, with the assistance of S. F.'s tridecamachineries.

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