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"Originally released in 1982 on cassette (Aeroplane Records AR3, UK), Up From Zero was David Jackman's third album of compositions. Integrating tapes, loops, shortwave radio signals, guitar tones, voice and a host of percussion elements, each piece accumulates into a complex collage of cycles that create a haunting set of 'movements' and bizarre spatial relationships. These are the most sought after of Jackman's first, solo recordings. The proto-Organum sound. Also included is 'Offshore', (1980). This track, recorded with the assistance of Philip Sanderson (of Stormbugs/Snatch Tapes/Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey fame), is Jackman's earliest piece to appear on CD to date. Fluttering tones along with sustained slabs of bowed guitar create a droning crest and a fitting 'outro' for these essential gems from the vault. Expertly restored from the original master tapes by Robert Hampson (of Main). Packaged in a card mini-jacket in an edition of 700 copies." 

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